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    Always Remembering That It Is Your Business,
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    Amazing Video Production
    From Commercials, to Web Videos, to Promotional Videos,
    to even Live Events, Fisher Films is the answer!

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Commercials, whether delivered on television or even online, Fisher Films can produce a final product that will give your business or organization the exposure you are looking for.

Fisher Films offers an experienced staff, uses premium equipment, highly creative software and editing techniques
to ensure the highest quality video production. This standard of exceptional video production
keeps our clients highly visible and competitive in their marketplace.
Fisher Films understands that intoday's business climate, video can reach more people, while still being cost effective.

Having high visibility on the web makes our clients brands more recognizable.

Need a product video or a training video? Fisher Films can deliver your message that will egage and inform to your target audience.
Fisher Films has the experience and talent to deliver the video of your event live on television or or even streamed online.

Fisher Films offers live multi-camera production services for any setting, whether it's from the arena,
the stage or even an intimate conference room, Fisher Films can do it!
To attract today’s consumers, you need to have an effective internet marketing strategy. Whether you need a new responsive website, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, online review management, or any other service, we will map out a unique online marketing strategy for your business needs.

Short Films

The Fisher Films team has had experience working on national films, pilots shot throughout the southeast, and has won multiple awards for their short film projects. Fisher Films is made up of a team of writers, directors, and cinematographers with a passion for creative film making.


Fisher Films has extensive experience working on a number of corporate and narrative documentaries. Whether your documentary is instructional, educational, or just a historical record Fisher Films can bring an uniquely artistic approach to your project.

Sizzle Reel

Fisher Films can create a marketing campaign to start branding your company with a creative, eye catching sizzle reel that specifically targets your customers. Fisher Films has a long standing relationships with multiple marketing firms which helps your company to stay ahead of marketing trends.

Post Production

Fisher Films has a team of experienced editors that have produced national spots. Fisher Films uses an array of Editing software from Final Cut Pro to the whole of the Adobe creative suite; You can be assured that Fisher Films is well equipped and trained on the best editing tools for your project.

On-Site Filming

Fisher Films has extensive experience on a broad range of professional film cameras that are state of the art and exceedingly used on todays film sets. Fisher Films also has availability and access to a broad range of professional cameras to suit your productions needs.

Graphic Design

Whether logo stingers, statistical graphics, 3D pictures, or moving typography Fisher films can help you visually communicate current marketing trends to your audience.

Music Videos

Understanding the poetic nature behind matching audio and visual is what Fisher Films specializes in for its Musical Artists. Fisher Films has had the opportunity to partner with several Globally distinguished artists and bring their musical story off of the album and onto the screen.

Drone Video

From real estate, car dealerships, golf courses, beautiful landscapes, anything that needs a bird's eye view, Fisher Films has the ability to shoot amazing aerial video with a drone.

Behind the scenes
with Fisher Films

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Welcome to Fisher Films

Fisher Films is a Columbia SC based company with a heart to bring creative and cinematic quality production to each and every one of our clients. We strive to deliver world class productions that will cause our clients’ customer base to be captivated and drawn to their businesses. We specialize in all types of production including: commercials, web videos, product videos, training videos, music videos and short films. The creative team at Fisher Films will bring any video product to life with unique, creative, and cinematic quality production that keeps our clients’ advertising portfolio cutting edge and highly competitive in their marketplace.

The primary goal and heart of Fisher Films is to focus on bringing creativity and innovation, along with cinematic quality, to the world of marketing. Because Fisher Films was birthed from a love of film, we desire for our clients’ videos to have a filmic quality whose essence cannot be mass produced or appear generic and uninspiring. We firmly believe that an audience who is captivated is an audience who returns for multiple viewings. Based on that belief, all of our projects, no matter how large or small, are designed to capture the heart of our clients’ organization and keep their customers interested, inspired, and loyal to their brand.

Fisher Films uses premium equipment along with current, highly creative software and editing techniques to ensure the highest quality video production. This standard of exceptional video production keeps our clients highly visible and competitive in their marketplace. Because of our close relationships with multiple established marketing agencies, Fisher Films has a clear, strong perspective on marketing trends and techniques. By keeping our marketing partnerships fresh and up to date, Fisher Films is able to deliver a relevant product that will keep your clients engaged in your message, products and services.

How Much Does a Video Cost

How Much Does a Video Cost?

This is one of our most frequent questions. The truth is, video production costs can vary significantly. There are several factors that determine the cost of a video, many of which can be broken down into 3 categories: pre-production, physical production, and post-production.

about us

Daniel attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Film Studies. He and his brother Stephen conceptualized and built Fisher Films in 2011.

Find Out More About Daniel

Stephen has assisted in running the company since its inception. He is an accomplished actor and director. His abilities in visionary and creative thinking have been a tremendous asset in the success of Fisher Films.

Find Out More About Stephen

Thomas Is in charge of production of all scripted projects for Fisher Films. With a strong background in business management, pre-production, and as a a show runner, Thomas helps oversee the day-to-day productions for all of Fisher Films projects.

Find Out More About Thomas

With over 40 years in the live event field, Jay Pitts has a tremendous history of pre-production and production of events, not only in the state of South Carolina, but also the nation. Fisher Films is proud that Jay has decided to become part of the team in our efforts to not only offer amazing scripted programs and films, but also to bolster our already impressive history of live event and documentary projects.

Find Out More About Jay

Jeremiah is a critical member of the Fisher Films team. His editing work spans audio to video, production to completion.

Find Out More About Jeremiah

Durham is and accomplished writer, producer and director. He has been involved in numerous projects with script writing in both marketing and narrative film work.

Find Out More About Durham

Testimonials for Fisher Films

Fisher Films has had the privilege to be of service to many different individuals, companies and non-profits over the years. Here are their words about working with Fisher Films.


Austin Shull - Shull Media Partners

"Fisher Films is by far the most professional and reliable video production company our advertising agency has ever worked with. They have worked with our company to produce dozens of highly effective and truly entertaining television and online commercials that have greatly bolstered our clients' sales and success. Shull Media Partners ad agency is truly grateful for the partnership we have with Fisher Films. We highly recommend them for any project!"


Jay Pitts, SC State Museum

I’ve had the pleasure of working with FF’s on projects such as Miss South Carolina, SC Hall of Fame, and the SC Museum, and have found their product to be creative and professional as any work I’ve seen. They are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them in the future.


Krisdee Foster, SR. PR Rep, Palmetto GBA

It was a joy working with Daniel and Fisher Films. I called him last minute to have a video shot and published to post on our company web site and he had it all done in less than 2 weeks! It was both easy and fun the day of the shoot and all I had to do was show up. The video itself turned out extremely professional and without hesitation I would recommend Fisher Films to anyone!


Troy Gwen, ACS Sound and Lighting

It has been a pleasure working with Fisher films. they have come through on many projects with multiple clients for us, and have done an excellent job. I would whole heartedly recommend them for any type of video project you would need.

Just Some of the Awesome People We have Worked With

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