Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore

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Thomas lives in the world of marketing. His portfolio includes graphic design, web design, SEO management, social media, online marketing, banner ad design, as well as email campaigns, print ad designs, print marketing materials such as business cards and brochures. As a designer, Thomas works primarily with the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, and Business Catalyst. On the video production scene, he produces and oversees all video projects. As a video and audio producer, he works with Premier Pro and Audition. He continues to evolve with the ever-changing world of web design and online marketing to include SEO. As owner of iSite, Thomas manages all of the projects from beginning to end and stays current with all monthly clients.

How Much Does a Video Cost?

This is one of our most frequent questions. The truth is, video production costs can vary significantly.
There are several factors that determine the cost of a video, many of which can be broken down into 3 categories:
pre-production, physical production, and post-production.

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