Irmo High School: Intl School for the Arts

FISHER FILMS was excited about sharing our passion for filmmaking when we got the chance to work with talented students to announce Irmo High School becoming an ARTS MAGNET SCHOOL.

It was important to integrate students into the fabric of the video so the audience could truly see that the kids who attend Irmo really do excel to the highest level. With a little bit of everything in it: interviews with staff, teachers and students, sporting event filming, Students talents and highlighting the new theater this video really does encapsulate all that Irmo has to offer as an Art Magnet School. With some help with the MOVI M5, we were able to make the brand-new Arts Theater at Irmo come to life. According to the students, “pictures really are worth a thousand words”.

ClientIrmo High School
DateAugust 25, 2015
CategoryPromotional Video, Schools/School Districts

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